Case Studies

Euro Farm Beef Processors

Euro Farm Foods
The Targets
  • 40% reduction in the consumption of Prime Energy in the generation of hot water
  • Significant reduction in CO2 footprint
  • Stable control of hot water temperatures for sanitation and processing
  • 50% reduction in Financial costs of generating heat
herd of cows
The Solution

An EscoPodTM CS2HPr was designed and installed by StraightLine Energy

The Results

The EscoPod surpassed ALL targets set:

  • Average 60 to 65% of cost reduction in delivery of hot water to process
  • Approximately 60% reduction in Prime Energy and CO2 footprint
  • Steam boiler system is now switched off, but remains as back up
  • Gas Utilisation Efficiency of over 100% is achieved
  • Water is delivered reliably to process at 45, 65 and 85°C

ABP Food Processing


“We needed an innovative solution that would totally reform our heat generation and distribution network. And we found it. In the EscoPod” 

Installed in late 2015 in Nenagh, the EscoPod has resulted in a 20% reduction in CO2. It now provides 95% of the site’s heating requirements, replacing those heavy fuel boilers. It also generates electricity for the plant and helps recover heat from the refrigeration process to reuse elsewhere.
In effect, ABP Nenagh has eliminated its need for fossil fuels to generate hot water. It has also dramatically exceeded almost all its the sustainability targets within a single year.

(Source: Irish Food Magazine, 2017)

Grazing Cow

Hotel (approx. 200 bedrooms + leisure centre)

Annual Heating Load: 2,175,265 kWh
Existing heating system: LPG Boiler (70% efficient)
Annual Energy costs: €201,647
Annual Energy savings: €118,123
Energy cost savings: 58.5%
Annual CO2 reduction: 513 Tons (60% reduction)
Pay-back period: 2.8 years
Accumulated savings of €1 million over 10 years

12 Month Energy Consumption Comparison (Hospitality)
Existing Heating System EscoPod
Heating 2, 175,265 kWh 2, 175,265 kWh
Energy Costs €201,647 €83,573
CO2 Emissions 865 tons 353 tons



“Cost-effective energy production – Siemens supplies components for hot water and electricity production system to Straightline Energy Solutions Ltd. who have developed a container solution for producing hot water and energy using the EscoPod system which saves up to 80 percent of the cost when compared to conventional methods of producing energy”

(Source Engineers Journal, Feb 2019)